How to make a ham'n cheese pizza roll

How to make a ham'n cheese pizza roll

Gather the ingredients and put them into the machine

Add yeast

Prepare ham and cheese

Select the program and turn the start button on

1 hour and a half to make the dough smooth and airy

Here it is!

Put some extra flour on a paper to work with the dough

Use your hands to flatten it

Now it's ready for the ham and cheese

Here you can add parmesan and herbs

Fold the corners to avoid cheese coming out When melting

Use some milk to seal your roll

Add sesame seeds if you like. They will be crunchy and tasty

Warm the roll under a canvas to let it complete the growth

Put it in the oven. Temperature must be high (200 degrees)

It looks gorgeous. It's a shame you can't smell it

Here it is. Well done.

The first slice for the good one!!

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