How to cook a spanish omelette

How to cook a spanish omelette

Some of the ingredients: eggs, potatoes and peppers. Remember that green peppers and onion are optional.

Peel and cut potatoes in little dices or slices (choose one option)

When you finish cutting potatoes, heat olive oil in a medium/large frying pan. Heat it over medium high.

While olive oil is heated, cut green peppers (& onion) in slices.

Carefully, add the potatoes, peppers & onion mixture into the frying pan. Spread them as much as you can. They will be ready when they are tender.

Turn them over from time to time to avoid burning.

Meanwhile, break the eggs and whisk them ligthly using a fork. Don't beat them too much. Add a bit of salt.

When the mixture is tender, remove it from the pan and transfer to the eggs.

Mix them thoroughly.

Pour a teaspoon of olive oil into a medium frying pan. Heat it (medium). Pour the mixture into the frying pan.

Spread it, filling the frying pan. Draw the edge in with a palette. Cook it until it comes away from the edge of the pan.

Place a plate over the pan and invert it so the omelette flips on to the plate.

Good looking!!

Slide it back to the pan.

Draw the edge in gently with a palette again. It will be ready in 3-4 minutes. Turn the heat of and let the omelette sit in the pan for 2-3 minutes.

Here is it!! Remember that you can serve it warm or cold.

Cut it in wedges.

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