How to make super easy pancake(s)

How to make super easy pancake(s)

First whip the eggs properly, but don't use the machine, whip by hand only!

After the eggs, add milk, salt and sugar.

Finally add flours, one decilitre a time. Whip properly

After adding the flours, let sit still for about ten minutes. If you have a baking cloth to put over the bowl, always better.

Pour the dough into a large (maybe a bit smaller than my dish) and put it into the oven. Bake in 200*C for 30 minutes or when the dough doesn't stay on the stick when poking a hole.

When done, be sure to serve some for your friends and family. But remember to eat some yourself too!

I prefer strawberry jam, but raspberry will do just fine. Everything tastes better when eating from a fine plate, proper Finnish design!

Hope you enjoyed this guide and remember to check out my pasta-dish and leave a comment if you liked it! Thank you

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