How to cook super yummy fried chicken

How to cook super yummy fried chicken

First start off by washing the chicken with cold water and white distilled vinegar. Pat the chicken dry and get your flour and seasonings ready.

I like to place the chicken into a Tupperware dish that has a pretty deep depth and a sturdy cover because I shake it to get it coated in flour evenly.

The key to super tasty fried chicken is to add seasoning to every step. The first flour dregs, the egg wash and the second coat of flour all should be heavily seasoned.

All shook up and seasoned nicely. I put measurements in the supplies tab, but definitely add more or less to your preference. I eyeballed a majority of this guide.

Place the chicken, in this case drums and wings, in freezer bags and let sit in the fridge overnight. You could do thighs or breasts too.

Now for the next step : egg wash. This gets a healthy dose of seasoning as well. If you want to spice it up a bit, feel free to add chili powder here.

Add about a cup or so of milk and 3 eggs. Whisk this up and you are almost done!

Take your chicken and coat it with the eggs. I recommend using one hand for the eggs to keep things a little less messy.

Take the chicken and place in the heavily seasoned flour. Make sure to mix up the flour so that it's an even mix of seasoning.

This is what your chicken should look like. Almost ready to fry!

I like to get all the chicken ready to go before I start the oil that way I don't have to worry about watching the chicken and trying to prep at the same time.

Get a pot that is at least 4 or 5 inches deep and get around 3-4 inches of oil heated up. Start it low and then gradually adjust the heat.

Make sure majority of the chicken is submerged in the oil. Don't over crowd the pan! Turn the chicken about every 2 minutes.

Be really careful because this oil is piping hot. I would recommend wearing long sleeves and keeping small children away at this stage.

After about 15-20 minutes or until the chicken is browned and crisp to your liking remove from the oil. Place chicken into a pan that's layered with paper towel to absorb excess oil.

Yummy yummy! Eat this with Siracha or Tabasco with Mac and cheese and potato salad for a tasty comfort food dinner!