How to make a table setting in a jar

How to make a table setting in a jar

Gather your supplies. Create a jar for each season or holiday!

Remove lid from large mason jar and glue the top piece to the ring so they are now one piece

Glue your decorative element to the top of the lid

Add embellishment to the rim of the lid- ribbon is perfect!

Use the fabric to sew a table runner and 4 napkins

Using the decorative supplies, embellish the napkin rings and jar. Also, embellish the clothespins to create place card holders

Assemble all of the elements and put them in the large jar. To add the table runner roll it up and tie with ribbon. Use the twine to affix it to the jar

Now you have a table in a jar!! Makes a great gift or make on for every season and easily store it for use!

All you need to add is flowers in the jar and you are set for a beautiful seasonal table!

Watch the video: DIY ROMANTIC TABLE SETTING. Valentines Day Table Setting. Haylie Michelle (October 2021).