How to Make Yorkshire Puddings

How to Make Yorkshire Puddings

Get out a big bowl

Measure the milk....

Eggs ...

And flour...

Put into the big bowl.

Blend! Make sure there is no clumps!

Might look a bit foamy, that's ok it will go away. Let the batter sit for about an hour.

In the meantime you can put a tbsp of oil into each muffin hole!

Ta da! Ok, after your batter has sat for 45 minutes. Put the oiled muffin tray in the oven! We need it hot!

When it has sat, transfer the batter into something with a spout so it can be poured


All done! Golden, but still soft inside!

Rip open

Fill with gravy or butter!

We served ours with prime rib and veg!

Watch the video: Perfect Yorkshire puddings (January 2022).