How to make chicken alfredo pasta

How to make chicken alfredo pasta

Wash then Chop mushrooms

Peel then Slice onions. Onions reduce a lot when cooked due to large amounts of water in them. The amount raw is deceiving as compared to when cooked.

Remove fat and Cut chicken breast into pieces

Season chicken with garlic, parsley, oregano, salt and pepper. Let sit in fridge for 30 minutes. If you do not have the time, that is ok it's not essential.

Caramelize onions in pan with oil. Low and slow is key here. If you put it on high it will burn.

sauté mushrooms with oil, salt and pepper on medium until tender. Drain any liquid left over

Cook chicken with spices from before and cook in oil on medium. Cook till their is no more pink in the center of the chicken and golden brown. Drain any liquid left over

Fry ham with oil or butter on medium. Do so until crispy. Mmmmm Fried porkkk

Add all together in pan with peas from can. heat on stove on low. If you want you can stop right here and eat as is, for a healthier version with out sauce and pasta.

Simmer jarred Alfredo sauce. The jar can be just as good as homemade if you get the right one. I got my from a local restaurant That sold their own sauce. Store bought sauces are good as well.

Cook pasta then add it all together with the other ingredients. Now your ready to eat!

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