How to make flatbread

How to make flatbread

I make these at work they're great for little pizzas, sandwiches and just by themselves. All my pics are at work but it's totally doable at home too and delicious. Freeze them and pull them as needed!

I use active dry yeast for this recipe. Each type of yeast (dry, instant or fresh) have different strengths so make sure you use the right one or adjust accordingly.

First mix 2Tbsp yeast with 3/4cup warm water and let it ferment in a warm place until it foams up like this

Then mix your 2 Tbsp herbs and 750 ml water. I have this frozen herb paste I use at work but you can use dry or fresh. ***Measurements are off in the photos as it was a double batch.

Measure 2.5 litres of flour or 5 cups and add 2 tbsp of salt.

And lastly 50ml of olive oil

Put them all in a mixer bowl, liquids first then dry. (If you don't have a mixer get a big bowl and make a well in the dry, pour in the liquids and mix by hand. ) MAKE SURE YOUR MIXER IS ON LOW SPEED

Mix until its a nice elastic dough. A little sticky is good. Again LOW SPEED I've had a few too many flour explosions.

Make it into a ball by stretching one surface over and tucking all the ends under.

Place it on a baking sheet cover it with a good amount of flour and some plastic (I find a ripped open bread bag works better than wrap because it doesn't cling.

Place it in a warm place to rise. I use an oven turned off at work but at home I would say on top of you oven if its on, or ontop of the fridge or anywhere else that's warm, on the dryer or dishwasher

When it's double in size take it out. Again mine is a double recipe so it's huge.

Punch it down the same way you made a ball before and get out your knife and scale.

Weigh portions to about 200g. They don't have to be exact.

Make them into a ball the same way. Ends under.

You should get about a dozen cover them with plastic while they're waiting to be rolled.

Take a few out at a time and squish them by hand to get out excess gasses and prep the gluten for rolling.

You should have your rolling pin out some flour for dusting and olive oil for brushing. Also a baking sheet and several parchment papers.

Pre brush with oil where your going to put your breads. At home you'll probably only get one on a regular cookie sheet. So maybe use a few so they don't stack too high.

Roll from the centre out up down and side to side. Flip the dough when it springs back too much and make sure there's some flour on both sides to prevent sticking.

Roll them out a little smaller than a dinner plate I never worry about them being perfectly round, or round at all really. It's more " rustic" this way. Oil the tops and cover with parchment. Repeat.

Layer the flatbreads offset from each other if you can so they're not all completely one on top of the other. This helps them freeze better. And parchment between each. And into the freezer til stiff

If your grilling them be sure to brush your gill really well and oil it. ( it's easiest to oil when it's off) I use a tightly rolled rag held with elastic and pour oil on the end then brush the grill

Once their stiff grill em. I find it works best on a medium heat but every grill or BBQ is different. Wait until the top and edges start cooking before flipping, it will bubble that's good.

Get some nice grill marks on them. You can use tongs or a spatula to flip whichever you like best. Once the outside looks cooked the inside is good. It will keep cooking when you take it off the grill

You can also bake them! 400F about 3-5 mins each side. Slightly different texture and you don't necessarily have to oil them if you have parchment but I would for flavour. AND DONE!

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