How to make a steak with red wine infused sauce

How to make a steak with red wine infused sauce


Separate the stems from the button Spoon or just gently pull it off.

Cut the corner off of the onion

Slice lengthwise almost all the way through

This is what it looks like fanned out. Now cut in the other direction for small pieces.

Minced stems and corner piece of onion

Add minced stems and onion with red wine

This is the temperature to cook at for the remainder of sauce. It will be done by the time you're finished prepping

Chop remaining onion and mushroom tops into medium slices

1 tablespoon of sugar added to the sauce

A little bit of vegetable oil in the pan

Added a little bit of oil and water to the dry mix. Now rub all over your beautiful steaks

Temperature for steaks. Be very careful the handle might be hot

Cook to desired temperature and firmness

When you remove your steak immediately put in the remaining onions and mushrooms. Do not cover

Your sauce should be cooked down now. Very little red wine should remain. Add a tablespoon of honey. The honey does not have to be exact just pour a big drop in there. Pull off heat. Sauce is done.

The onion should be almost clear and most of the moisture should be gone. Done.

Slice meat thin.

Plate and enjoy. Mushrooms and onions ,meat on top ,,sauce on top Do not clean your pan in between steps. It needs to stay hot and have all the flavors cooked into one

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