How to do a side flip

How to do a side flip

Setup: Begin with a good jogging start, and go into it at a comfortable pace. Be looking for where you place your feet.

Always jump off the balls of your feet!

The block: Blocking is when you plant your feet into the ground and direct all of your forward momentum into upward momentum. Hands should be ready to send you up.

Takeoff: throw your arms in the air like so, and explode off your feet. Tighten your core as you pull your legs in and pretend like you're rolling over something. Do NOT rotate too early!

In the air: hold this position tightly as you feel where you are in the air, and don't freak out.

The landing part 1: be looking for the ground as you come around, and begin to open up, allowing your legs to reach out and prepare for landing.

The landing part 2: land on the balls of your feet with bent knees.

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