How to cook an asian inspired feast!

How to cook an asian inspired feast!

You will need a large pot for marinating the chicken, atleast 8 hours best overnight

I left the measurements out for these because it varies. Use an equal Cup of each, depending on amount of chicken. I used 4 cups of each

Add the soy sauce, vinegar, rum and brown sugar and stir to dissolve sugar

You don't even need to peel the ginger, just cut it into small chunks for marinade

Like so

I used elephant garlic, this is about 10 cloves regular garlic, a rough chop will do

Add them into the pot

The onions! Slice them and add to pot

Like so

Our spices

Add from the garlic powder to the peppercorns into the mix and stir.

The chicken, you can use any you want, I was feeling the quarters, I've used thighs, Legs and wings. ( breasts will work, just be careful of drying) I've also had a friend use venison!

Add to the pot

A trick, use a plate to push the air out and keep meat submerged. Add into the fridge! And let the marinade do its work

I wasn't paying attention and grabbed maifun, I always use saifun noodles though. The texture is so much better to me, but didn't want to waste it! This is for the pancit

Add the noodles to a pot and fill with hot water, they will soften after about 15 minutes, drain hot water and set aside for now

Now we will work on the lumpia mix while the noodles soften Get some oil hot in a pot

A few tablespoons will do

Your pork

Once oil is not add pork and cook until done

While that cooks slice green onions

Like so, I sliced for both the lumpia and pancit. Use half for each

Once it's cooked add the salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder

Like so and stir

Once mixed drain extra fat and let cool a bit

Use the same pan to cook veg

Add green onions and fry a bit

Here's the slaw mix, I like it, it's easy, you can slice fresh cabbage, I like having multiple veg in the mix though

Use garlic press and press garlic into pan with onions and stir

Add slaw mix and cook 5-10 minutes until soft

Transfer veg mix to a blender and blend into a nice grind

Like so, you don't have to just my preference.

Ok, meat is cooled by now put it in a mixing bowl.

Just a view of the amount of drained fat

Add veg mix to pork and stir

I added another tablespoon of garlic powder

Juice of half a lemon into the mix

2-4 tablespoons, depending on your preference again, I used 3

I couldn't find lumpia wrappers in the town I'm currently in, so I settled for wonton wrappers. PLEASE try and find lumpia wrappers, makes a huge difference

Pull some out and cover with moist paper towel to keep from drying out, mix made about 25

Use a spoon and spoon about 1-1 1/2 tablespoons of the mix onto wrapper, don't overfill and tear wrappers... I saved 1/4 of this mix for the pancit as well

Right in the middle

Dip fingers in water to help seal edges

Fold sides over

Fold one side over mix and roll

Like so

After your done cover with a moist paper towel and put in fridge until ready to use

Ok chicken breast!

Cut into chunks

And in the same pot we've cooked everything

Add another tablespoon of oil

Cook chicken

While the chicken cooks, Slice the celery, thin and on a diagonal

Like so

Now our slaw mix, green onions and celery for the pancit

Add to the chicken after about 8 minutes and cook another 5

Add salt pepper, onion and garlic powder

1/2 cup soy sauce

Juice of 1-2 lemons, this is pure preference, I love lemon juice in food

Let that cook out a bit

A lot of the liquid has evaporated

Ok for the noodles I just take a pair of scissors and start citing to get bite sized noodles

Like so

Makes it easier to eat and manage

Add chicken and veg mix and stir

Add the reserved pork mix and stir

Out this pot over medium heat and add another 1/4 cup soy sauce and A lemon juiced... You may use more or less, taste as you go. I have it on the heat to reduce any more liquid not absorbed by noodle

Serve from pot or like me, I put it in a dish and in the fridge till dinner

Look at the chicken ready to cook! Make sure your grill is nice and hot

Get the chicken on and cooked until done, 20-30 minutes, careful for flare ups

While that's cooking here is a sauce for everything... Ran out of space on the item list so ill give as I go with this part

4 Serrano chilis chopped, you can seed them for less heat

Add to a container

Onion, I had some shallots, you can use a yellow onion, about 1-2 cup worth

Chopped and added to dish

Ok the soy sauce and lemon juice, use a 3-2 part ratio I used about 1.5 cups of soy sauce to 1 cup lemon juice

This gets better the longer it sits!

Ok, back to lumpia, get a few inches of oil hot in a pan

While it was heating chicken was done

Pull it and add it to a 250f oven to keep warm

Covered with foil

Fry lumpia until golden brown, again lumpia wrappers make a world of difference

Plate and enjoy the compliments!!! I'm sure I have some spelling errors with all the steps so please let me know! Check my other guides and Facebook the love of culinary creations. Until next time

I ran out of room on item list, please ask if you have any questions or comments, this is super simple to do, you have step by step directions and be a rock star for your next cookout!

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