How to make polymer clay minion charms

How to make polymer clay minion charms

Gather bits of yellow blue black white and brown clay, and make a little grey as well.

Have any tools you find useful on hand. I chose 2 dotting tools of different sizes, an exacto knife, sculpey brand clay glaze and bronze eyepins.

Take some yellow clay and make a small bean shape for the body. Press it down slightly to flatten the bottom and make it stand on it's own.

Put that aside and take out some blue clay.

Roll the blue clay out as thin as you can.

Cut a strip and put the scraps aside- you'll need them later!

Wrap the blue strip around just the very bottom of the yellow body, and pinch the excess together at the bottom.

Smooth and flatten the bottom.

Roll out more blue...

Cut 2 small squares.

Place them on opposite sides of the body, overlapping the blue that is already there.

Smooth the blue parts together.

Roll out even more blue, (last time!) again as thin as possible.

Cut 2 thin strips.

Place them on the body overlapping the blue squares slightly, at a curve to connect the front an back like straps.

Smooth the parts together and use your tools to detail the new overalls you've made. I attempted a pocket in the front but its hard to see.

Make 2 blue balls.

Smoosh them together and flatten slightly.

Make 2 black triangles.

Press down half of them to make shoes.

Put them under the blue & press them together.

Put the body on top and press again.

Make a ball of grey.

Push through it with a ball tool.

Widen the hole until it's goggle sized.

Take some white...

Flatten it down inside the grey ring.

Take a tiny bit of brown and even smaller bit of black.

Flatten them both, put the black on top of the brown.

Place on the white and push just enough to make it stay, make sure not to distort the shape or mix with the white.

Make lines on the goggle and press it to the body wherever you find fit.

Roll out some black & cut a strip.

Wrap it around & cut off the excess to make the strap for the goggle.

Get some more yellow...

Roll out a thin strip.

Cut it in half.

Get some black...

Create gloves & stick them with the arms onto the side of the body under the blue straps.

Make an indent for the mouth- I used my fingernail but you could use other tools.

Add an eyepin and bake, make sure to follow the instructions given on the packaging.

(Mine burnt at the top, oops!)

Last, use a satin glaze on everything except the goggle. Use gloss there and fill the goggle completely to give the glass illusion. Once it dries it'll be clear. Voila, you have a minion!

Watch the video: Polymer clay minion!: (January 2022).