How to make a pomelo sour

How to make a pomelo sour

Gather up your ingredients. (We like Tito's Vodka.) Pellegrino or other sparkling water can sub in for soda if you'd like!

Juice your pomelo(s) until you have at least 4 oz of juice. (Pomelos are a large citrus fruit. Similar to a grapefruit, but sweeter overall. If you can't find them, check with an Asian grocer.)

Fill your cocktail shaker with 1/4 cup of ice. Combine the pomelo juice, agave syrup, vodka and the dash of bitters in the shaker. Don't add the soda yet!

Shake ingredients vigorously. This will help foam the agave, mix the drink's elements and cool the liquid.

After shaking, add 2 oz of soda, seltzer or sparkling water to the shaker and gently stir. Strain your drink into a pre-chilled old fashioned or lowball glass... Or whatever you have handy! ENJOY!

The finished Pomelo Sour is refreshing and unique! Check out more recipes and food talk on our blog, Thank for reading!

Note: traditionally, sours are made with egg white. You could try this drink that way. However, the agave and the natural properties of the juice create a fair amount of foam on their own!

Watch the video: Pomelo Marmalade (October 2021).