How to easy diy diaper box puppet theatre!

How to easy diy diaper box puppet theatre!

Open bottom of diaper box. Tape flaps on corners to hold it open (shown here). Open end will be the bottom of puppet theatre.

Cut a square hole with box cutter or serrated knife in the front.

Cover box with construction paper or paint. You can stop here & let the kids play TV! This is super fun!

Cut off a flap in the back so the kids can reach their puppets in while box is sitting on a table.

Get some old wash cloths for curtains. I used old painters rags & we colored them with markers.

Twist two pipe cleaners together to make one long curtain rod. Fold wash cloths over about an inch & staple the hem closed over the pipe cleaner curtain rod.

Poke two holes on top/side of box to weave pipe cleaner curtain rod through. Tie off pipe cleaners inside box.

DONE! Now curtain can open & close!

Let the kids go crazy doing a puppet show! Use sock puppets or little stuffed animals!

For a fun effect, shut off all the lights & use a flashlight to spotlight their show!

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