How to banish those pesky sleepy bags under the eyes.

How to banish those pesky sleepy bags under the eyes.

Method number one:

Brew a nice cup of tea. (I had to use two bags myself because my dad didn't want any tea.)

Enjoy that nice cup of tea...

Then take the bags out when they're finally cool enough...

Place them under your eyes like so.,,

And wait 10-15 minutes for best result.

You absolutely can't move during the process so go on your phone and play words with friends or something.

When the timer is finally done...

Peel the bags off and throw them away.

Give your face a quick splash and dry...

And you're good as new! I'm incredibly sleep deprived so it didn't work as well for me, but I'm sure it will for you!

Method number two:

Take two lovely spoons from your silverware drawer and place them in the freezer.

Wait overnight.

In the morning take the spoons out of the freezer...

And place them on/under until they are no longer cold.

Tada! Beautiful!

I can't promise this will work for everyone, because everyone's sleep patterns are different. But I still encourage you to at least try! :)

Watch the video: Remove under eye bags in less than 2 minutes! (September 2021).