How to create stunning photos on the iphone

How to create stunning photos on the iphone

In this tutorial i will be explaining how to take and edit stunning photos on the iPhone 4/4S. First lets get to know how the iPhone camera works and just how the pictures are so high quality

Apple created their "Retina Display" by having 2x the pixels needed, for example 480 x 320px would be the iPhones screen size, without the Retina display. But, the iPhone 4/4S are 2x that (950x640px)

Therefor the iPhone's camera takes the images 2x their original size, and the iPhone automatically divides the size in pixels by 2. Now lets get to the fun part!(:

This is a picture of my cat, Billy. I simply took this picture with my iPhone 4, and with some of the editing apps i got installed, this is my output; Pretty good, right?

Here is another example.

Here is my Photography folder, equipped with Timers, and a variety of different editing apps. I suggest Photogene2 (0.99c USD) and 100Cameras (Free) but i also suggest apps like Instagram for quick...

...and easy, but really nice, photo editing. With these apps you can create some really stunning photos. Here are some more examples

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