How to make chocolate chip cookies on the bbq!

How to make chocolate chip cookies on the bbq!

Beat together butter and sugars, until light and fluffy!!

Add egg and vanilla! Keep beat beat beating!

Blend in flour, salt, baking soda, and chocolate chips!

Scoop onto a piece of aluminum foil. I greased mine, but it isn't necessary!

Throw on the grill and 325 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for approx 5 minutes, or until golden brown at the edges but just the tiniest bit gooey in the middle!

Let sit for a few minutes!

Ooooohhh so delicious!

Stack on a plate!

Give one to mom..

And the brother! They said they were the best cookies I'd ever made!

Yes, ladies and gentleman that is a pile of cookies. Yes I ate them all. So so good.

My doggy even wanted a bite! Best part about these cookies is that on a hot summer day, your oven doesn't even have to turn on!

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