How to make a duct tape "painting"

How to make a duct tape


Cut your cardboard into the shape and size you want your background to be. You may want two of the shape for more strength.

If your shape is a square or rectangle proceed to the next step. If your shape is NOT a square or rectangle skip to step 12.

If you're using two pieces of cardboard, tape the two together, it doesn't need to be very neat.

Cut a strip of your (or one of your) background color(s) that is a little more than twice the length of one of the dimensions of your cardboard.

Line up the piece of tape with the edge your cardboard that you measured the tape to.

Wrap it around the piece of cardboard.

Cut another piece of tape the same length and line it up with the top edge of the last piece.

And wrap it around. Repeat until you get to the other side of your shape.

When you get to the top of your shape just continue as normal and just leave a flap (like shown in the picture) of tape on the top and cut it off.

Ta-Da! If you eventually want to hang your "painting" skip to step 19 or else skip to step 32.

I will be using another roll of tape as my "cardboard" shape to show you how to tape the background on a shape other than a square or rectangle.

Cut a piece of tape a little more than twice the size of the largest part of your shape.

And place it a little over the edge of the shape like this.

And wrap it around the cardboard like in step 7. I ended up redoing this one, but forgot to take another picture.

For the next piece, cut another strip the same length. Line it up with the edge of the last piece and wrap it around. Repeat until you reach the top of your shape.

Just repeat like the other strips, but leave a flap like in step 10.

And then just cut out around the outline of your shape. Ta-Da! If you do not want to hang your "painting" skip to step 32.

Cut a strip just a little bit longer than where you want the hook to go on your painting.

Fold a small strip up and repeat until no stickiness is showing.

Like this.

Fold the strip so that it is the length of the place you want to put it on your strip. I just quickly taped it down so I could take a picture easily.

Cut a strip of duct tape the length of the not folded over piece of your hook.

Stick one of the folded pieces of the hook onto the strip of duct tape.

Do the same with the other side of the hook.

Tape it on.

Cut another strip twice the length of the hook.

Stick the strip on and mark where the hook falls.

Cut a slit about halfway across the duct tape where both the marks you just made are.

Carefully slide the piece of duct tape under the hook like is shown in the picture. This step is rather difficult.

And wrap it around. Although the last step was rather difficult it will give the hook more support when you hang the "painting" up.

Decide on the design you want to "paint". It can't be too complicated or it could become very difficult.

When you are painting on paper it is easier to start by painting the things in the back and then work towards the details. This is the method we will use.

My design is going to be a soccer ball, so the first thing I will "paint" is a white circle.

Create a sheet of duct tape a little bigger than the size of the shape you want. I traced a circle on the sheet so I would know where to cut.

Cut the shape out.

And place it on your background.

When I'm drawing a soccer ball, the next thing I do is add the details so I made another sheet of duct tape out of black duct tape.

The first thing I draw is a pentagon in the center of the ball, so I cut one out and stuck it onto my painting.

More details. I ended up tucking the lines under the pentagon.

More details. These lines would have been what I drew next on paper.

Even more details. I color in the ball last so that's what I did to finish my soccer ball.

Final touches.

I have given these away as gifts for Christmas before with just the initials of the person, but any occasion with any amount of detail you would like would work or you could just make it for you.

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