How to workout to reduce bloating

How to workout to reduce bloating

Warm up with 30 seconds of jumping jacks, followed by 30 seconds of knee-ups. Repeat this once. Then, do 12 reps of each exercise without breaking. Rest for ten seconds and repeat 2-3 more times

STANDING LEG LIFT: Stand straight up, legs hip width apart. Extend the right hand overhead, giving your body a slight curve to the left and bring the right leg out so toes barely touch the ground.

STANDING LEG LIFT: Lift the right leg while bringing the right arm down towards the leg. Be sure to keep your knee and chest facing forward. Hold, then return to starting. Complete 12 per side.

JUMPING LUNGES: These are a great leg and cardio workout! Bring the right leg back into lunge position. Hold, then jump up into the air, bringing the right leg forward and the left leg back.

JUMPING LUNGES: Complete one more lunge, then jump in the air again, alternating legs with each jump. Continue to complete 12 lunges per side.

THREE WAY CRUNCHES: Lay on your back with legs bent and feet on the floor. Place hands under your neck and lift off the ground so nothing above your shoulder blades is touching the ground.

THREE WAY CRUNCHES: Contract your abdominal muscles so you are being lifted off the ground by your abdominal strength alone. Hold this position, then return to starting.

THREE WAY CRUNCHES: Contract your right obliques so your right arms moves towards your right hip. Return to starting and do the same on the left side. That is one rep, complete 12 reps, total.

PLANK JACKS: Get into plank position with arms directly under your shoulders and a straight back.

PLANK JACKS: Begin by jumping legs out to the side, like a horizontal jumping jack, then jump legs back to starting.

PLANK JACKS: To really increase the workout, complete one plank jack, then jump legs up towards your arms and back to starting. Complete 12 plank jacks.

WINDSHIELD WIPERS: Lay on your back with legs together. Begin by lowing legs to the right, keeping both hips on the floor. Hold this position, then bring legs back up and over to the left side.

WINDSHIELD WIPERS: That is one rep. Complete twelve reps, total. For an advanced workout, contract your abs and lift your bum off the ground when you return to starting position.

KNEE-UP KICKS: This is very similar to knee-ups, but you kick your foot straight out. Bring the right knee up like a knee-up, then kick the right leg straight out.

KNEE-UP KICKS: Tuck the leg back in, and alternate bringing the left knee up and kicking the left leg out. Complete twelve per side, making sure to keep arms tucked and hips even the entire time.

You did it! Now rest for ten seconds and start it all over again. Complete 3-4 circuits, total. For more health and fitness tips, check out!

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