How to easily dip-dye your bangs

How to easily dip-dye your bangs

Brush out the hair that you're dying.

Decide hair into five sections and bind each one. The first one closest to your ear, bind at the middle of your ear and the one next to it one centimeter up. Like so.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Binds the middle one at the tip of your nose.

Mix the bleach. I'm using a splat lightning kit that came with my hair dye.

Mix it with your comb.

Hold your foil behind and comb the bleach into your hair.

Fold the foil around like so.

Repeat to all sections.

Wait for 30 minutes and rinse out your comb.

While you wait, grab your favorite plushy toy and curl up to watch an episode of your favorite anime:P

Rinse out the bleach with cool water. Towel or blow dry completely.

Splat Aqua Rush. Put a small amour in a bowl.

Use comb to brush into your bleached sections.

Foil them.

Wait another 30 minutes

Rinse out, dry, and style however you please and you're done!

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