How to make nutritious summer salad

How to make nutritious summer salad

Gather your supplies

Cook the cauliflower over the steam .

Boil potato till fully cooked.

Boil egg .

Once they are cooked . Cut the potato into small cubes and the cauliflower into small pieces .

Chop onion , apple , cucumber and lettuce .

These are the boiled eggs .

Cut them into these shapes .

Mix the ingredients of the dressing , salt, paprika , dry mint and sumac and put it in a jar to make the mixing easier.

Add olive oil and lemon juice into it and cover the jar with it's lid then shake shake shake ... Oh sorry i was dancing .... Lol

This is the dressing after dancing oops i meant after shaking ... Loool

Mix all chopped ingredients in a big bowl .

Add the dressing into it and mix together . Voila , yummy summer salad is ready . Bon appetite.

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