How to use fondant icing to make a two tier cake

How to use fondant icing to make a two tier cake

Bake two 9 inch cakes & two 6 inch cakes. Refrigerate for 45 minutes to ensure the cakes are completely cooled.

Cut the top of the cake to make sure it's leveled. I did not have a Serrated knife, like most people suggest, so I used the longest knife in my kitchen.

Frost the cake as normal. It doesn't have to be extremely neat because you're covering it with fondant.

Once you have frosted each tier, refrigerate for at least 20 minutes to make sure the icing has set.

I thought my table would be this clean throughout this process! Boy was I wrong! :) Powered your area with confectioners sugar before you began rolling the fondant.

The fondant will stick. Be sure to keep moving it. Before I began with the fondant, I measured each cake to get an exact measurement. I didn't want to get the fondant to the cake and it was too small.

Contrary to what everyone says, I used this wooden rolling pin. I didn't want to buy a silicone pin until I knew that I could do this. Dust the pin with confectioner's sugar.

Once you've rolled the fondant to the size you need, roll it across the cake. There are two ways to do this. You could roll it across the rolling pin or throw it across your arm.

I used my hands to smooth the fondant (slowly) from top to bottom. Use a pizza cutter to cut off excess fondant & store the extra pieces in an air tight bag.

Repeat the same for each tier.

I looked like a Powered Puff girl before it was over.

Smooth the fondant with a fondant smoother. This little thing really works.

Use wire cutters to cut the dowels to insert into the cake. This supports the tiers.

I kind of eyeballed where I would place the dowels. I'm sure it's a better way of doing that.

Decorate as you please!

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