How to make ginger tea

How to make ginger tea

Ingredients that I will use.

First wash the lemon and the ginger.

Put some water on to boil. Then cut off a 2-3 inch section of the ginger and peel it.

Dice up the peeled section of ginger. Lemon shown for size purposes.

Add the boiling water to the ginger and wait for it to cool (about 20min). Hot water will break down the lemon and honey so you won't get the best health benefits, plus it needs time to soak.

While you wait cut up the lemon.

Squeeze two or three sections of lemon to taste.

If you want, you can either scoop out the bits of ginger or leave it in according to your preference.

Add two or three spoons of honey to taste.

And there you have it!

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