How to create heart beat nails

How to create heart beat nails

Apply white all over nails..

One coat

Coat two

Coat two with nail polish bottle

Get red polish

Drop some on a piece of paper

Get small brush

Make a heart beat line like this one on pinky

A heart on ring finger

Another heart beat line on middle finger

And another heart beat line on pointer finger

For thumb get a dotter

Right love on your pinky (you can use small brush but I find it easier to do it with dotter

Get small brush again

Make a thin red French tip

Get dotter again

Make a heart in the right corner

All finished with left hand! Let dry

Another shot

While drying, clean up around nail with a slanted brush

Take the cap of nail polish remover

Pour some in cap and dip brush in it

Just clean the spots around the nail

While drying do other hand

If the red gets to sticky..

Get the paper towel

And wipe it off

Then just put on new polish

Done with right hand, clean up, and let dry..

When dry, apply strong top coat

Left hand

Right hand

All done!:) Thanks for watching!

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