How to make beef roll (egyptian hawawshi)

How to make beef roll (egyptian hawawshi)

To Prepare the dough, put the flour and the water and the yeast and mix it well ( if it needs more water you can add )

Mix it well and leave it till it brewed ( about 2 hours or more)

The beef

Tomato, carrot and onion

Chopped parsley

Heat your bowl and add oil , then add the onion and the carrot and stir

Add the parsley and the tomato

Add the beef spices

Add the beef

Divide the dough into small pieces and spread every piece then put some oil on the foil and put each dough like this

Spread the beef

Then close it well and do some slots with the fork

Put it in the oven (300) for 15 min. And you can open the grill of the oven to be fried

That's it , i hope you like it , by the way it's very delicious and yummy :)

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