How to cook fish tacos

How to cook fish tacos

Collect ingredients

8 oz of tilapia, if wet pat dry with paper towel

Dredging station from right to left in order: salt and pepper (allspice too but we didn't use it because I dislike it), flour (we used whole wheat), egg, Panko.

Salt and pepper (and allspice)




Fry in veggie oil for 5-6 minutes on each side

Place fish on warm flour tortillas

Add mango salsa (I made a snap guide. For the salsa)

Add lime sauce aka. Greek yogurt ( or sour cream) and lime juice ^ ^


They were good, I'm not a huge fan of fish other than salmon in the first place, I don't really like sweet salsa either. I'm a savory kinda gal. Mom loved it though!!!

Please comment with suggestions, revisions, or ratings. Enjoy!

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